Prestat was founded in Chambery, France in 1895 by the Dufour Family. One of their early claims to fame was that they created the original recipe for the chocolate truffle. This simple mouthful of heaven combined the finest tropical chocolate with sugar, cream, fresh butter and that oh so secret essence which remains a closely guarded recipe. This truffle still known as the Napoleon III, named after the gourmand emperor living in exile in St James’s, is still made today and available in our Piccadilly store.

Roald Dahl, the celebrity author of Charlie and the Chocolate the Factory was one of the company’s biggest fans writing in his memoire “I do so adore chocolate truffles as Prestat makes them”. Adored indeed for over a century by royalty and nobility by stars of stage and screen, by anyone who delights in the simple pleasures that chocolate can bring, Prestat has been the proud holder of two Royal Warrants. The first was bestowed upon the company in 1975 by Her Majesty The Queen and the second by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in 1999. In fact, this was the last warrant HM, The Queen Mother ever gave and was to ‘My friends at Prestat”.

Prestat was additionally honoured to be appointment the official chocolate sponsor to Walking With The Wounded expedition to the South Pole under the expedition chairmanship of HRH Prince Harry. From humble beginnings our chocolates have truly travelled the world.

Prestat remains one of the few British artisan brands still to be manufacturing all its own chocolates from its kitchens in London. Hence, many people claim Prestat to be London’s greatest chocolate maker. What is certainly true is its extraordinary commitment to innovation bringing early to the market award winning sea salt caramel truffles, London Gin Truffles, Red Velvet Truffles, Yuzu Sake truffles and in 2018 a new range of mini truffles bursting with new flavours will be launched in beautiful round drum boxes.

Since 1998 Prestat has been owned by two half-brothers Nick Crean and Bill Keeling. Together they have built out a range of beautifully crafted and gloriously packaged chocolates. As one journalist wrote “Prestat is colourful, eccentric, elegant and producing chocolates of the highest quality”. Quality is key and key to quality is sourcing. Prestat is extremely proud of its Trading Fairly initiative where by its seeks to ensure African farmers received a for price for their produce and relevant market and agricultural information through a series of innovation text messages.

Prestat “On Her Majesty’s Chocolate Service”, quite simply scrumptious.