The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust exists to help people, of all ages, at a critical stage in their craft career pathway. The charity was set up by the Royal Warrant Holders Association to celebrate The Queen Mothers 90th birthday. In 2016 Her Majesty The Queen joined QEST as our first Patron in her 90th year, she was joined by both Viscount Linley and The Marquess Of Salisbury as Vice Patrons.

We fund the education of talented craftsmen and women through traditional college courses, apprenticeships or one-on-one training with master craftsmen. Successful applicants to QEST are able to fund the training they require to reach their potential in their craft and go on to have a successful career. Our Scholars span all age ranges and are also from very diverse backgrounds. To date QEST has awarded scholarships and apprenticeships to over 400 gifted individuals aged between 17 and 57.

QEST is now recognised as having made a major contribution to ensuring the continuation of traditional British craft skills and excellence in craftsmanship with some of our alumni receiving international acclaim for their abilities.