Rachel Fay introduces you to the people you want to meet when you put on an event to promote your product or service.

She also introduces your guests to others present so that they get the same satisfaction that you do from meeting others who are relevant to their business or lifestyle.

Rachel has developed this service to meet the needs of modern-day stakeholder entertaining. Being confronted by a room full of strangers can be a difficult experience for your guests but Rachel gets people engaging with each other so that everyone meets the people they want to meet.   She brings a touch of glamour and “Wow! We’ve never experienced that before” to your event, and gets them talking about it long after it’s over. They’ll come back again too, providing you with more opportunities to promote your products and further extend brand awareness.

Early on in the development process, Rachel secured an invitation to tea with the Queen’s first cousin and favourite Party Planner, Lady Elizabeth Anson, to discuss the concept. This was followed by events with HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cambridge and the FT, and at some of Britain’s most prestigious venues: the Serpentine Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts and Blenheim Palace.

Rachel works at events for luxury brands, top-tier professional service providers and high-profile individuals. Events include receptions, dinners, awards, balls and shopping evenings.

Rachel is the only on-the-spot Introducer in the UK available for hire on a one-off or series of events basis.

You can often see her in action at Beyond Bespoke’s Networking Events, so why not come along and get introduced?