For more than a century, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has been distinguished by its pursuit of hand-crafted automotive perfection. Since 1904, Rolls-Royce has created and crafted bespoke motor cars that have made the British marque, symbolised by its famous ‘Sprit of Ecstasy’, an icon all over the world. Rolls-Royce continues to nurture this legacy of individuality, craftsmanship and passion from its home in Goodwood, England.

When it came to designing the next generation of Rolls-Royce vehicles, fittingly the inspiration came from Sir Henry Royce himself: “Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it doesn’t exist, design it.” From that challenge, Phantom, Ghost, Wraith and Dawn were born.

While each of these four models embodies the spirit of Rolls-Royce, each interprets it in a unique way. The Phantom family bears a legendary name, encapsulating commanding presence with contemporary luxury, its signature design complimented by modern features.

Ghost harnesses advanced engineering and a host of hidden technologies to be both modern and dynamic. Every detail is precisely engineered for an effortless driving experience: one that becomes intuitive as technology delivers more intelligence than ever before.

Wraith has been designed to redefine boundaries, unashamedly challenging perceptions with the most powerful Rolls‑Royce motor car engine ever, with the most dynamic driving experience in the marque’s history.

The all-new Dawn drophead, launched in 2016, has been sculpted to be unmistakably Rolls‑Royce, whether the roof is up or down. Classic design principles have been coupled with the latest technologies to create a truly elegant four-seater convertible and a cabin as silent as those of its siblings. The result is the most ‘social’ Rolls-Royce ever.

The latest addition to the model line is the Black Badge series of motor cars for a group of young, driven, self-made people that will make a bold and edgy lifestyle statement about their lives. In an unprecedented collaboration with these new customers, ‘‘Black Badge’ has been confidently created. It’s the ultimate in pure luxury style and engineering substance. Technically and aesthetically ‘Black Badge’ is the alter ego of Rolls-Royce Wraith and Ghost; darker, more assertive, more confident and powerful, and more demanding.

There is no such thing as a typical Rolls-Royce customer and, much like the models themselves, the journey of creating a bespoke Rolls-Royce motor car begins with inspiration. Rolls-Royce’s definition of luxury is one that guarantees every customer a canvas for completely unique design, every time. Whilst every Rolls-Royce is special, it is the company’s Bespoke design department that enables customers to realise their desires.