Spirit Motorcycles is a new British manufacturer producing handmade, limited-edition, MotoGP-inspired road and race bikes. Each Spirit is being built to order and is tailored to individual customers and their riding characteristics. Spirit will commence production with the MotoGP inspired GP Sport R, GP Street R and GP Corse R limited to 50 each, and open production later this year to non R designated versions, built to order. We will also introduce new models such as a Super Scrambler in the months ahead. All Spirit bikes will come with a variety of specification options including carbon wheels, bespoke Inconel and titanium exhaust, fully adjustable chromoly chassis and live telemetry sent direct from the bike to the factory.

The Spirit’s spectacular performance comes from a combination of the race-tuned 180bhp engine and ultra-low weight (just 140 kilos), packaging cutting-edge technology with the very best of British motorcycle engineering. Underlining the quality of design and manufacture, each bike comes with a seven year warranty and exceptional levels of customer service and support.

“Our racing background and multiple British Championship winning pedigree means that whatever we build has to be the best” explains the legendary race tuner and the engineering brains behind Spirit, Tony Scott.

“We decided to build something unique by making a motorcycle that is not only beautifully built and attractive but also offers the ultimate level of road or track performance”.

Racing is at the heart of Spirit’s ambitions, and they will be competing in this year’s British Championship. From 2018 riders will be able to lease a Spirit for a season’s racing, supported by the factory technicians and crew. To level the playing field and minimise costs all the bikes will share the same sealed engine and components, with an emphasis on bike set up and rider skill rather than budget.

Prices for the road bikes range from £45,000 to £70,000 depending on specification.

For further information visit www.spirit-mc.uk