Studio Indigo Ltd is a multi-disciplinary specialist firm of Architects, Interior Designers & Building Management based in a converted warehouse overlooking the Thames in Chelsea. Studio Indigo combines quality and attention to detail with vast experience to create truly outstanding properties in the United Kingdom and around the globe.

Their current projects include a number of large residential refurbishments in London and the Home Counties as well as several interior design and fit-out projects as far afield as Moscow and South Africa.

Studio Indigo has many years of experience in the refurbishment and extension of homes in Central London. In particular they have had success in adding value to properties through:

• Increasing the square footage and utilising available space in an innovative and thoughtful way
• Bespoke and personalised design
• Ensuring a high quality of workmanship throughout the construction process
• Cost effective design
• Quicker delivery times through procurement and construction

Studio Indigo work closely with their clients to ensure their needs, desires and aspirations are reflected in the homes they create. The quality of design, workmanship and attention to detail is the hallmark of Studio Indigo’s success.

In their practice, creativity is encouraged and new ideas are welcomed. They have built an environment where young designers can flourish under the guidance of more experienced colleagues, and design is a conversation which results in the creation of residences of exceptional quality.

Studio Indigo takes great pride in producing work of the highest order and seek to greatly surpass clients’ needs and expectations, our raison d’etre. They let experience form opinions and ingenuity encompass design.

Studio Indigo’s approach envelops every element of design and building; covering all aspects from conception to use. They start by working closely with clients to understand their needs and translating this into creative design solutions.

It is this unparalleled approach which enables Studio Indigo to produce exceptional homes time and time again.