Whatever you require, whenever you require it.

Working only with the finest in their fields from tutors and experts to partners and service providers, The English Manner accesses the inaccessible, when only the best will do….

Interacting with clients at the highest levels, The English Manner is frequently asked to find a solution for luxury travel; household goods; education and estates procurement, and their network of international preferred partners enables them to match the right choice for the problem, often becoming involved as a global advisor in projects worldwide.

Experience in business has enabled The English Manner to build up an enviable network of partners across the world, from antiques advisors to property management. Entrusted with highly personal and sensitive information, The English Manner plays a vital supporting role in the lives of their clients, and provides international consultancy for individuals, private households, yachts and estates. Managing solutions from staff recruitment and training to property purchase, inventory management and procurement; event planning and advice; personal concierge travel solutions and a small range of bespoke partner services, from educational advisory and placement; investment consultancy; yacht build, purchase and management; to wine cellar management and fashion styling. This is not a concierge service company, nor do they command a membership fee, instead services are tailored to client requirements and every solution is bespoke. Money alone cannot buy many of the experiences arranged here, but their reputation for discretion and attention to detail is second to none.