The White T-Shirt Co started with a simple focus; to make the perfect white t-shirt. A t-shirt made without compromise to quality, detail or ethics.

Company founder Penny Jones has a background in product development; designing and bringing to market brands for the likes of Marks & Spencer, Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. Having suffered from Eczema since childhood and despite working in the industry Penny found skin friendly, quality, trend led clothing alluded her. While on maternity leave in 2002, Penny took time to start her quest to find her elusive capsule white t-shirt. The journey eventually led to a meeting with award-winning Danish Green Cotton and a mutual determination to make clothes differently was recognised. After much discussion and swapping of ideas, the two partnered to create their own ‘perfect white t-shirt. A t-shirt with sustainability at heart because the company does not believe in throwaway fashion.

Made from The White T-shirt Co's own super soft, luxurious organic cotton these wardrobe essentials are simply styled with exceptional craftsmanship. The collection does not adhere to seasonal trends but delivers timeless, quality garments that are made to last.

It's the quality and feel of The White T-shirt Co t-shirts that make them different and because they are made to last the company thinks fit is important too. All The White T-shirt Co t-shirts promise to keep their shape and a customised Tailor Your Tee services allows customers to select their perfect body and sleeve lengths – safe in the knowledge that they will stay that way.

The company has built strong, transparent relationships throughout their supply chain and all their t-shirts are GOTS [Global Organic Textile Standards] certified, so each t-shirt comes with an Ethical Promise of fair trade, sustainability and high quality.