This Works was founded by International Journalist and Beauty Expert Kathy Phillips in 2003 and inspired by her global knowledge of the health and beauty industry and her desire to create natural products that deliver on their promise.

They are a British company with R&D and manufacturing based in the UK. Also working with British farmers to source the natural ingredients. They believe in being straightforward, honest and real. Whilst not making false promises and we think that creating intelligent products that deliver on their promise is more important than jumping on the latest band wagon.

They are not satisfied with anything less than exceptional results. Their formulas work because of the high concentration, quality & combination of the natural actives and we have won multiple awards to prove it.

Created by leading designers, they offer high performance targeted solutions for modern beauty needs with a contemporary style for opinionated, current, yet accessible beauty. This Works believe that beauty requires balance, and the title ‘This Works’ will only be awarded to exceptional products which deliver on their promise, without compromising well-being or the environment. Each product is tested and evaluated by an independent panel until they deserve the title ‘This Works’.