Alistair Tusting is a man on a quiet mission: to provide the finest quality leather bags, entirely and painstakingly made in his private UK factory, and to charge you for the craft and materials that go into them, but not for an inflated global marketing budget. This way, you acquire the best-value, genuine luxury possible and something a little out of the ordinary.

Now assisted by his wife Gillian and brother William, this is a family company with heritage in the leather industry stretching back to 1875. Based in ’shoe-country’ around Northampton, an area famed for its luxury footwear brands, this is the fifth generation of the family to be at the helm. Having moved from tanning leather to making beautiful leather goods, the brand is perfectly situated to draw on the considerable talents of local leatherworkers, many of whose families also share in this heritage.

With a clear English identity, TUSTING bags deliver understated elegance; you’ll find no bling or brash branding here, just highly desirable, iconic shapes and beautifully useable designs. Add to that, the highest quality leathers and components and a life-long commitment to everything they make, once you’re in the know about TUSTING, you’ll wish your friends had told you sooner.