A newly founded British luxury brand, tailoring statement fur and timeless cashmere pieces, Verheyen London launches with a debut women’s collection for Autumn/Winter 2017. The design-focused label will give a new lease of life to the existing fur and cashmere arena having identified a need to provide bold and iconic tailored pieces for women that are far more than just an accessory.

The most exquisite furs are sourced from Europe and dyed in Italy and Greece using modern bio-degradable techniques and vegetable dyes which are entirely non toxic. The most beautiful colours of our pure satin silk are used to line each piece. Cashmere wool is gathered high in the Himalayan mountains and woven on handlooms by artisans in Kashmir whose ancient art has been passed down through many centuries. The cashmere wool is also woven in Scotland by iconic experts creating the highest quality shawls. Verheyen London's garments are entirely handmade and finished in Greece by craftsmen whose skills have been handed down from generation to generation. We believe in nurturing these traditional techniques whilst also developing new innovative ideas in fur design.

Quality is of the upmost importance to Verheyen London. These are heirloom pieces in precious colours creating exquisite and versatile garments, allowing the transition from work to weekend and day to evening for the comfort of your travelling lifestyle; a luxury piece to transform any outfit.

They are recognisable, powerful and architecturally defined pieces for the international man and woman transcending season, occasion, location and generation.