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Perfect Partners: Pimms and Wimbledon in summer celebration


Posted by , 4th July, 2017

Few flavours can claim to be the nation’s favourite summer sip. Pimms however heroically holds this title, and likes to showcase its potion power as drink of choice nowhere more so than Wimbledon, the most English of all English events. This refreshingly tangy tipple has strong ties with the tennis tournament, with heritage and tradition going well past just the left over mint leaves at the end of your glass.

Being a long-standing British sporting institution, We are incredibly proud to be an official partner of Wimbledon. We are looking forward to once again serving up the perfect Pimm’s O’Clock for tennis fans throughout The Championships!
Elly Martin, Pimm’s Senior Brand Manager for Europe


Last year more than 280,000 glasses of Pimm’s were enjoyed throughout the Wimbledon Championships, whether reason to celebrate or not. A gin-based spirit with a fruity flavour, a secret recipe follows a delicate combination of blended herbal botanicals, caramelised orange and warm spices. With strong honest tradition meeting exotic experiments, Pimm’s O’Clock became the time we wavered for. Partnered with champagne, Pimms floats throughout the various summer occasions, being a friendly face from Glyndebourne to the Chelsea Flower Show. In many ways established by accident, in 1840 James Pimm was serving at his famous Oyster bar in London when he conducted a tonic to aid digestion, incidentally named a ‘No.1 Cup.’ By 1851 Pimm’s had expanded with large scale production and fanatic Pimms fever had begun across London, a fever which continues today to earn Pimms a national treasure sentiment, and even a Royal Warrant, which it received in 2011.

To support the much-loved British sporting competition, Pimm’s has announced a celebratory host of events extending even beyond the Wimbledon grounds themselves. Wimbledon-goers will be able to enjoy the classic Pimm’s No.1 Cup in the grounds, available from the specifically designed ‘Pimm’s on the Hill bar’ and newly styled Pimm’s-at-the-Long bar. To accompany this, the No.6 Vodka Cup will be served exclusively in Debenture areas including featured restaurants. A host of Pimm’s bars are notably also popping up across London and the South East, dazzling in pub gardens to add a little bit of British flavour to your Wimbledon weekend watching.

Pimms, the official partners for Wimbledon this year, are also collaborating with some ionic London locations to deploy teasing tennis themes city wide. The ‘Pimm’s Wimbledon Bar’ on the Selfridges Roof Deck will be a standout stop off for those wanting a piece of the action. From July 3rd, live coverage can be watched on glorious big screens, whether you find yourself to be an edge of your seat watcher or an all in vocal chanting supporter. Against the backdrop of a beautiful London skyline, immerse yourself in sporting history while relaxing in this iconic London location. If you’re more the cocktail connoisseur however, the Wimbledon menu at the Ivy Café in Wimbledon Village will be a visit of suggested consideration. Celebrating with a Wimbledon drinks menu (avalible from June 15th – July 16th) ‘The Pimmbledon’ is an exclusive new cocktail, blended from Pimm’s No.1 with Tanqueray gin and a host of tantalising trimmings. The Pimm’s Fizz (finished with champagne) and the Gentleman’s Mule (merged with ginger ale) are fascinating finishes, fresh and forming of taste.


To find out more about Pimm’s, see recipes and more, visit

 The Pimm’s Wimbledon Bar at Selfridges Roof Deck is open from 3rd – 16th July, 9.30am – 9pm Mon-Sat; 11.30am-6pm

 The Ivy Café, Wimbledon Village; Monday to Saturday: 8am – 11pm, Sunday: 9am – 10.30pm

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