Ancient + Brave- True Collagen

This product is only available for deliveries in the UK.

This Ancient + Brave True Collagen Blend is full of amino acids and the hydrolysed collagen within it assists in repairing and nourishing skin, whilst it is extremely effective in repairing tissue, helping to strengthen bones and sees improved sleep.

True Collagen is sustainably sourced, grass fed bovine collagen and because of its odourless and tasteless nature, it can be mixed discreetly in with Coffee + Collagen and Cocao + Collagen, water, or smoothies. 

The container contains 200g of True Collagen Blend, approximately equating to 30 servings.


  • 100% hydrolysed grass fed bovine collagen

We love the passion driving this cutting-edge and next generation brand. Ancient + Brave’s nutritionally rich sachets and drinks have been inspired by both an ancestral and modern way of living. It is a brand that reminds us to go back to listening to our bodies, which of course, can be extremely difficult when many of us lead such busy lifestyles.

Founders, Annelie and Kate have combined their extensive knowledge and travel across the globe, to create products that successfully combine health benefits and outstanding flavours.


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