Always Wear Red RED CAMO SE Silk Tie & Hank Set

Special Edition and Limited Edition. Designed by us and woven from 100% pure silk in North London. Ties and hanks are then hand made 90 miles away in South London before moving to Central London where our Toy Soldier motif is hand embroidered, using real gold thread (4%), at the world famous Hand & Lock Studio. Looks best with a black or navy shirt and dark suit. 'WHY NOT?' TOTE BAG bundled with this product. 100% pure 350-end silk. Woven and handmade in London. Designed in England. All labelling attached by hand. Packaging handmade in the UK. WEAR AMAZING. FEEL AMAZING. DO AMAZING. AWR. I focus on how clothing makes you feel. You should feel you can do anything. Because the truth is - you can - Michael Owen, Founder, Always Wear Red.

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