British Colour Standard Cotton Round Pot Holder

We love the pastel and soft tones of this British Colour Standard 100% cotton, quilted padded, round Pot Holder for it is a stylish and must-have necessity for the kitchen. This cotton Pot Holder should be washed at 40 degrees and is available to purchase in Tuscan Yellow, Gunmetal Grey and Old Rose.

The 1931, British Colour Council's Dictionary of Colour Standards was dusted off from the archives by Victoria Whitbread and Jackie Piper, and used as the inspiration behind their rather colourful brand, British Colour Standard©. 

The pre-war Dictionary of Colour Standards was created by Robert Francis Wilson, to ensure that there was uniformity with the colour of items across the commonwealth, from uniforms, flags, postboxes & battleships. Many of the British Colour Standard's products names have been taken from Francis Wilson's Dictionary of Colour Standards, including Battleship Grey, Peacock Green, Cornflower and Pea Green. 

We love this brand not only because of it embodies eco friendly principles, through its utilisation of recycled, recyclable and fair trade products, but because of its strong associations with British heritage. 


Size Chart
Gunmetal Grey
Old Rose
Tuscan Yellow