Always Wear Red Candy Merino Wool Socks Box Set

Box set of 4 pairs of Candy Striped Socks for vibrant personalities because socks shouldn't be an afterthought. People build outfits around Candy Socks. They're a Merino mix with just a little acrylic so they last and just a little lycra so they slip down slightly to create a unique slouchy look. Each pair of Candy Socks lives in its own cotton bag with solid brass, gold coated ingot attached by hand. Merino mix. Packaged in a hand-made AWR luxury box. Knitted in Scotland. Designed in England. All labelling attached by hand. Please cool wash and dry flat. 

Size Guide:

S Small (Women's shoe size 3½ to 5½)
M Medium (Women's shoe size 6 to 8)
L Large (Men's shoe size 8 to 10)
X Extra Large (Men's shoe size 10½ to 12½)

WEAR AMAZING. FEEL AMAZING. DO AMAZING. AWR. I focus on how clothing makes you feel. You should feel you can do anything. Because the truth is - you can - Michael Owen, Founder, Always Wear Red.

Size Chart