Christys' London Homburg Fur Felt Hat

This Homburg Fur Felt Hat, which rose to fame when it was worn by the British icon, Winston Churchill as well as being featured in famous films such as The Godfather is a timeless accessory and makes the perfect addition to an outfit during those winter months. 

Christys London has been making hats the traditional way since 1773, through eight generations of its founding family. We think that’s pretty impressive! Their unparalleled workmanship and individual attention to detail have seen their hats adorn the heads of the Royal family, Winston Churchill, Indiana Jones, Kate Moss & Liam Payne to name but a few!

Christys offer a collection of high-quality men’s and woman’s hats ranging from formal to fashion and sports hats.

(And did you know that Christys also produce the metropolitan police force’s helmets and many military ones too!)

Size Chart
Ink Blue
Red Wine