Burlingham London Watches - Confluence Range - 01

We love the bold and striking colours of this Confluence Range 01 Burlingham London Watch, the black strap and rose gold casing really compliment one another and makes for a very eye catching watch design. If you're looking to stand out from the crowd, then this watch really is a must!

All of the watches in the Confluence range are stylishly versatile, and even water resistant for up to 50 metres. 

Whilst we love the Burlingham London style, we think what is even better about this brand is the environmentally friendly ethos that they embody. They work alongside the charity, Cool Earth who help forest communities maintain their livelihoods. Every single watch sold helps to save approximately 200m² of rainforest, by giving the power back to indigenous villagers, who for which, the forest is their home. For Burlingham then, it's as much about empowering yourself by wearing a stylish watch, as it is about giving something back to those who are in need. It seems everyone is a winner!

Strap Width: 20mm
Strap Length: 246mm

12 months

Size Chart