Always Wear Red- Pink & Red Candy Socks


I focus on how clothing makes you feel. You should feel you can do anything. Because the truth is - you can- Michael Owen, Founder, Always Wear Red.

Candy striped socks for vibrant personalities because socks shouldn't be an afterthought. People build outfits around Candy Socks. They're a Merino mix with just a little acrylic so they last and just a little lycra so they slip down slightly to create a unique slouchy look.  

Each pair of Candy Socks lives in its own cotton bag with solid brass, gold coated ingot attached by hand. Merino mix.

Knitted in Scotland. Designed in England. All labelling attached by hand. Please cool wash and dry flat.

Size Guide:

S Small (Women's shoe size 3½ to 5½)
M Medium (Women's shoe size 6 to 8)
L Large (Men's shoe size 8 to 10)
X Extra Large (Men's shoe size 10½ to 12½)

Size Chart