Dorset Sea Salt 8 Infused Pack

This product is only available for deliveries in the UK.

This delightful pack of 8 sea salts, in an array of unique and delectable flavours, offers a taste of fresh salts that have been hand-harvested from the Jurassic coastline. For foodie friends and family who enjoy a sprinkle of salt with their meals and in their cooking, this infused pack makes a very special gift.  

This pack of 8 contains...

• Dorset Sea Salt Pure and natural.
• Dorset Sea Salt – Smoked over apple oak.
• Dorset Sea Salt infused with – Dried Chilli
• Dorset Sea Salt infused with – Garlic
• Dorset Sea Salt infused with – Lemon & Thyme
• Dorset Sea Salt infused with – Dried Olives, Tomato and Basil
• Dorset Sea Salt infused with – Celery
• Dorset Sea Salt infused with -Beetroot and a splash of organic Apple Juice

Jethro founded Dorset Sea Salt Co in 2017 to fulfil his passion for sea salt and revitalise an important local industry that had vanished with no explanation. Using both modern and traditional methods of production all of these sea salts are hand-harvested from the sparkling depths of the Jurassic Coast. Research and inspiration for Dorset Sea Salt, came from Jethro visiting the natural salt pans on Portland and learning through reading, about the historic and cultural relevance of Dorset salt production. Beautifully packaged, each sea salt will unlock a unique flavour onto the tip of your tongue for you to enjoy. 

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