Edge o' Beyond Tote Bag

The perfect way to carry your lingerie from A to B discretely, for gym wear or shopping, or as a weekend travel bag! This is simply perfect for every occasion. Our Edge o' Beyond's cotton tote bags feature a hand drawn image in gold across three designs and slogans. They are smart and eco-friendly and the fabric is soft enough to be rolled up and be kept in a handbag or pocket. Made from 100% high quality cotton fabric with long handles that fit perfectly over the shoulder.

The size of the bag is approx. 38cm x 41cm


Edge O' Beyond is a brand that combines the owners love for jewellery and lingerie, and is extremely unique in the way that it successfully marries the both of them. This brand is one which holds with it much personal sentiment to Naomi, the owner, with Edge O'Beyond being the name of her first family home, whilst each of the lingerie sets are in fact, named after close family members. 


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