Frilly Nirvana Umbrella in Black

This product is only available for deliveries in the UK.

Nirvana, come rain or shine. This frilly long extravagant umbrella will create an atmosphere of true happiness when your under it.

This 24 inch framed umbrella is completely handmade with acute attention to detail that demands a powerful, yet demure look and feel to it.

The 20 inch canvas gives a robust finish product where you can feel safe that you will be shielded from all types of weather in style by providing good coverage and a oval shape that protects you.

The comfortable handle is hand crafted from pewter and the butterfly has been soldered on after 72 hours of drying time where the enamel has been hand poured into the butterfly’s wings.

The frilly 100% polyester canvas is completely hand stitch to perfection and move elegantly as you walk. Giving an extremely feminine feel to the long back umbrella.

This umbrella is created for strength, uniqueness and for someone who appreciates how art can transform a normal everyday long pink umbrella into something that turns heads and makes you feel unique and beautiful.

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