Naomi's Kitchen I AM Lean Powdered Superfood Blend 300g

This I AM Lean Superfood Blend by Naomi's Kitchen supports your metabolism to burn fat and is packed with superfood ingredients which gives your body the nutrition it needs, provides an energy boost, and leaves you feeling full. 

As with all of Naomi's blends, this should be consumed alongside a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. 

Naomi’s Kitchen seeks to ensure one feels re-energised and revitalised by providing a unique range of holistic adaptogenic super blends, which have been scientifically formulated to deliver powerful formulations of natural, plant based ingredients. For Naomi, it is all about utilising these natural ingredients to encourage the most natural healing process possible. With the assistance of the leading supplement scientist Sarah Palmer Hussey, Naomi has five Superfood Blends available, leaving you feeling energised, beautiful, cleansed and lean. 


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