We've always been told: never underestimate the power of body language. This delicately witchy and simple 18 carat gold plated chain is like the exclamation point in body language punctuation. Classically simple, a delicate loop around the neck, snaking down the décolleté, and finishing in a slung loop at the hips. This exclamatory bling looks fabulous on skin; it fastens in multiple lengths to ensure a great fit. Body language? Our language.

 This tantalising chain is extremely versatile. Decorate your body with the Jacob; under or over your clothing. This piece looks beautiful peeping out the bottom of a crop top, paired with a bikini, or even with nothing else at all!

Edge O' Beyond is a brand that combines the owners love for jewellery and lingerie, and is extremely unique in the way that it successfully marries the both of them. This brand is one which holds with it much personal sentiment to Naomi, the owner, with Edge O'Beyond being the name of her first family home, whilst each of the lingerie sets are in fact, named after close family members. 

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