MINNIKIN - Aloe Vera Plant Gift Box

This product is only available for deliveries in the UK.

Aloe Vera is representative of beauty and endurance and has medicinal qualities which can help protect and treat skin. Perfect for adding a burst of style and colour to your home, place your aloe in artificial light or indirect sunlight. It is said that if your keep this unique plant in your home, it will provide you with luck and your dreams will come true... so what are you waiting for? 

MINNIKIN was founded in 2017 by Australian, Kate Minnikin Nickalls, who moved to London and decided to entwine both nature and symbolism together in one perfect gift to celebrate life's precious moments. Give the 'gift that grows' and choose from a specially curated collection of exquisite and stylish plants. Each plant is steeped in symbolism and will create a beautiful living gift and memories to last forever.

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