MINNIKIN - Calathea Plant Gift Box

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Deeply mesmerising, Calathea is known as the 'Living Plant' because at night it closes its purple and green striped leaves and opens them in the morning with a rustling sound. Not only does this plant have air purifying qualities but it is also symbolises happiness and represents domestic bliss. Calathea is perfect to gift to someone who is beginning a new journey in life, such as, starting a new job, having a baby or moving homes. 

MINNIKIN was founded in 2017 by Australian, Kate Minnikin Nickalls, who moved to London and decided to entwine both nature and symbolism together in one perfect gift to celebrate life's precious moments. Give the 'gift that grows' and choose from a specially curated collection of exquisite and stylish plants. Each plant is steeped in symbolism and will create a beautiful living gift and memories to last forever.

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