MINNIKIN - Palm Tree Plant Gift Box

This product is only available for deliveries in the UK.

Brighten up any living or office space with a vibrant, tropical palm tree plant. This plant topped a NASA study of the top 10 best air purifying plants and will benefit those who occupy busy indoor spaces. Palm trees typically connote victory, peace, freedom, triumph, reward, honour and truth. This plant will remind you of your favourite holiday in the sun and bring a relaxing and uplifting energy to your home or office. The BB headquarters house this very palm tree plant and we love the tropical and colourful energy it offers, whilst we tap away on our keyboards and dream of a sandy white beach with a sparkling sea and small boats bobbing under the horizon...

MINNIKIN was founded in 2017 by Australian, Kate Minnikin Nickalls, who moved to London and decided to entwine both nature and symbolism together in one perfect gift to celebrate life's precious moments. Give the 'gift that grows' and choose from a specially curated collection of exquisite and stylish plants. Each plant is steeped in symbolism and will create a beautiful living gift and memories to last forever.

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