Atlas & I Personalised Map Leather Photo Album

This handmade leather photo album features any personalised antique map location in the world and comes packaged in a gift box.

The album is the perfect present for a paper or leather anniversary and can be filled with cherished memories of your life so far.

The chosen antique map location will be featured in the centre of the front cover. Whether its a special place that someone got married, where they live now or where they went travelling, every leather photo album is digitally printed and bound by hand so its personal to each and every customer.

The individual pages are stiff plain paper each separated by a thin sheet of protective film, so as well as fixing in photos, the book can be filled with keepsake memories and hand written notes.

Small - £70
Internal page size - w 20.5 x h 15 cm
30 pages - fits one 6x4inch photo per page

Medium - £95
Internal page size -w 20.5 x h 24.5 cm
50 pages - fits two 6x4inch photos per page

Large Landscape - £125
Internal page size - w 35 x h 24.5 cm
50 pages - fits four 6x4inch photos per page

Large Square - £135
Internal page size - w33 x h 33 cm
50 pages - fits six 6x4inch photos per page

Lead time for this product- 3-5 working days 

Size Chart