Fears Redcliff Date Jetliner White

The Redcliff Date continues Fears_Ñé tradition of creating elegantly understated watches for discerning men and women.

The dial features distinctive Fears _ÑÉPipette_Ñé hour markers and unique black painted hands, which end in a graceful point. The Swiss movement is housed in an expertly polished stainless steel case, with a slim profile sitting close to the wrist slipping under a shirt cuff effortlessly.

The watch is presented on a supple goat_Ñés leather Fears Strap, which features quick release spring-bars that allow the strap to be changed easily without tools in a matter of moments.

The Jetliner White dial offers a high contrast monochrome face that is perfectly complemented by each of the five strap colours available.

Size Chart
Mink Brown
Tan Brown
Fears Blue
Dukes Red
Pebble Grey
Passport Red