Squirrel Sisters- Coconut Cashew Box of 16 Bars

This product is only available for deliveries in the UK.


Each box contains 16 bars and each bar contains 2x20g bars. Calories per bar= 91

Gracie & Sophie Tyrrell set their sights on creating healthy and delicious snacks that could be enjoyed by everyone and together they founded The Squirrel Sisters.

The sisters have won a number of awards for their delicious and innovative bars including: The Bronze Free From Award, The Veggie 'Best Snack' and two Great Taste Awards! 

For those who want to pursue a healthy lifestyle or are even just searching for a snack that's not filled with sugar or salt, The Squirrel Sisters offer a wonderful selection of guilt-free bars which are beautifully packaged with eye-catching designs.

Made using only 100% raw natural ingredients, these bars are free from refined sugars, low in calories and suitable for those who led vegan, paleo and gluten free lifestyles. Each bar can be enjoyed whenever hunger strikes; for breakfast, as a mid-morning snack, pre-post workout or as a dessert. 

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