The Rainbow Glove- Fingerless Leather Gloves

Placebo Rock Star, Stefan Olsdal and Gizelle Renee have collaborated to create a glove inspired by Gilbert Baker's Flag to celebrate mutual commitment to acceptance, respect, equality and human rights.

The Rainbow Fingerless Gloves are one size for women and one size for men.

The stand-out design, each one created by five highly skilled workers, uses six pieces of separate leather and a handmade merino wool cuff, for comfort and ease, whilst still making a stylish statement. A symbol of equality, unity and love for all.

As a collaborative partnership, Gizelle and Stefan have chosen two charities close to their hearts and sharing similar values. The proceeds on each pair of gloves sold will be evenly allocated between the Peter Tatchell Foundation and LGBT Foundation.

The Rainbow fingerless Gloves will be delivered in June. Ahead of PRIDE, London. We will make a maximum of 150 male and 150 female gloves.

Size Chart