Always Wear Red Twisted SKINNY BANDAGE Scarf

Two of the skinny version of our Bandage open-knit pieces that take on a unique end-to-end curl as they twist together once worn. One red, one black. No two are the same. Design-wise it merges a 60's skinny scarf feel with irregular, grungy 90's textures. Made from the best 100% Merino wool. An ultra-light, all year scarf. Knitted in Scotland. Designed in England. All labelling attached by hand. Packaged in a black 'gold bar' branded 100% cotton pouch. Each scarf is 180cm x 10cm. WEAR AMAZING. FEEL AMAZING. DO AMAZING. AWR. I focus on how clothing makes you feel. You should feel you can do anything. Because the truth is - you can - Michael Owen, Founder, Always Wear Red.

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