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It’s Roald’s Dahlicious Day!


Posted by , 13th September, 2017

In phizz-wizzing, scrumdiddlyumptious style, we celebrate another day devoted to the exclusive books by exceptional storyteller Roald Dahl, who would have been a whizzpopping 101 years old if he were alive today.

Deep in the heart of the Chiltern countryside, Roald Dahl’s vivid and mischievous imagination gave birth to some of the greatest stories ever told.
The Britishness of his stories has been capturing minds, young and old, for decades; from tales of his very British schooling, to a connoisseur’s opinion on whipple-scrumptious British chocolate inventions.

Every budding author needs the tools required to make their creative ideas fly, so without further ado, here are what we believe to be the most splendiferous papers and inks on the luxury market.


Portobello Notebook (colours below)
£165 >

exclusive books exclusive books exclusive books exclusive books exclusive books

exclusive books

Viceroy Fountain Pen
£430 >


Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog.
Roald Dahl-Matilda

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