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Ronnie Wood: Artist


Posted by , 18th August, 2017

Rock Legend and The Rolling Stones band member, Ronnie Wood, recently appeared in Selfridges to launch his book, titled Ronnie Wood: Artist – a varied collection of his work ranging from abstract art to traditional landscapes. It was his first public appearance since his battle with cancer and Ronnie was all smiles as he promoted his new masterpiece. The publication features over three-hundred impressive pieces of his work, all from different stages throughout his life, and is his first ever book consisting solely of artwork. On Monday 21st August, Ronnie Wood: Artist officially goes on sale, just months before The Rolling Stones start their rehearsals to go back on tour.

abstract artWikipedia: Gorupdebesanez

Ronnie was drawing long before he was ever a musician and he received formal training at Ealing College of Art, London. He can recall having been interested in art from as young as eight years old, and the book consists of many drawings and oil paintings of that time. His older brothers were also artists and his own artistic style was greatly inspired by them. The book even includes his first ever commissioned piece of work that, as a child, his local pet shop requested of him. Having experimented with a expansive variety of styles and genres throughout his life, such as portraits and landscapes,  this book acts almost as a snapshot, a personal biography of Ronnie through his own artwork. Readers get to watch his pieces evolve, develop and improve page by page. Ronnie himself even describes the book as truly eye-opening, especially being able to witness his own artistic journey to maturity and sophistication

Having been a member of The Rolling Stones for over forty years now, Ronnie Wood: Artist contains sketches from during Ronnie’s time on tour and some of his well-known portraits of the other band members, which will be extremely popular amongst long-lasting fans. Due to his close relationship with each of them, he is able to capture something intimate in their likeness that only he can possibly know. And there are far more portraits than just that of The Rolling Stones. Each person he draws, he has a personal relationship with, whether they be either regular or famous. Some of these include Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton and also his parents, to whom the book is, in fact, dedicated to.

abstract artWikipedia: Gorupdebesanez

With hundreds of drawings to collect from all over the world and many different people to get them from, the process of collating this whole book was exceedingly difficult. But through this tireless work, readers are granted a detailed view into the mind of Ronnie Wood. He has been drawing his whole life and every sketch, scribble and oil painting showcases his ever-evolving and impressive talent. With pieces from his childhood, from when he was on tour, portraits of band members and other celebrities, Ronnie Wood: Artist is an unique and intimate journey throughout this Rock Icon’s life.

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