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Wedding bells are ringing: seven perfect gift ideas this season


Posted by , 10th May, 2017

Wedding Season is finally upon us! The most romantic season has arrived and it seems like everyone’s getting ready to celebrate their Big Day: colleagues, friends, family members. It can be daunting brainstorming the perfect wedding gift, so if that’s the case, have a little browse through some of our favourites:

Photo Frame
The next best wedding gift, after organising and funding the wedding, is a photo frame.  Photo frames are a genius gift, letting the newlyweds capture their Big Day and sit it upon their mantelpiece.  Oka’s timeless piece is designed perfectly into a traditional and made from faux shagreen. The combination of ivory and gold adds decadence to a beautiful memory.  If you’re looking for something a slightly more unique, the frame is also available in azure blue.
unique wedding ideas

Flat Faux Shagreen Frame, Large
£230 >

Weddings are incomplete without some beautiful flowers brightening up the venue.  Or, if you wish to send a little ‘congratulations’ gift before the big day, then there’s no better place to go than the Great British Florist.  Offering bespoke bouquets, you can either tailor the bouquet to your liking or send some much-loved classics.  When Rustic meets Romantic, this voluminous bouquet blends traditional with a unique statement, making it an unforgettable memory for the bride.

unique gift ideas

Great British Florist
Luxury Cascading Bridal Flowers
£125 >

Scented Candle
Coveted London have crafted an exotic and coveted treasure, otherwise known as The Pinecandle.  The Pineapple shaped jar, available in either gold or white, holds a bespoke blended candle.  Fragranced with a pioneering nose, the Tuberose based scent sets a springtime mood, senses and spirits.  The happy couple will be delighted by the authentic design and wonderful aroma, certain to add luxury to their abode. Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.17.57

Coveted Candle
from £75 >

Wedding Bubbles
No celebration is complete without some bubbles. Many over-look British wines but if you wish to choose an extra-special sparkling wine then look no further. Created from the finest hand-harvested fruit, from specially selected vineyards in Sussex and Hampshire, this English Sparkling Brut is a definite crowd-pleaser. The blend of Chardonnay and Pinot noir grapes delivers elegance and is best enjoyed as an exquisite aperitif to accompany canapes or seafood.

unique wedding gifts

Harvey Nichols
English Sparkling Brut
£165 >

For seasoned connoisseurs, decanters are a classic wedding gift. To ensure that all flavours from chosen wines are savoured, decanters allow all of the aroma to be released. Designed purposely, glass has been created to enhance the complexity, richness and subtly of any wine. Made from premium crystal, this luxurious decanter features an ergonomically curved silhouette emanating elegance on any occasion.unique wedding ideas

Shining Star Decanter
£96 >

Matching champagne flutes 
To continue the celebration at home, this charming pair of flutes make any toast memorable. Designed elegantly, and out of clear glass, this pair is guaranteed to ‘wow’ the lucky couple.  Elegantly designed, Dartington Crystal also offers personalised engraving of a logo or image to make it an extra-special gift.

unique wedding ideasDartington Crystal
Clear Flute – Celebration Glitz Flute
£45 >

Coffee Machine 
If you wish to acquire something slightly more practical for a pair of coffee enthusiasts, then this coffee machine will do the trick. The contemporary design is a lovely feature in any kitchen, complete with a steam pipe so that the newlyweds will enjoy curating their perfect blend each morning.

unique wedding ideas
Heston Blumenthal
SAGE: The Oracle
£1,595 >

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