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Seven trends taking the gardening world by storm


Posted by , 23rd May, 2017

Springtime calls to unleash our green fingers so get inspired by some trends that are changing the face of Gardening. With wellbeing and climate-change on the forefront of our consciousness right now, here are some styles that will maximize your garden to its full potential.

In other words: locally sourced. ‘Locally sourced’ seems to be the buzzword of the year, and now there is even an emphasis on introducing native plants to your garden. Using native plants isn’t a new idea, but the awareness of the climate changes’s impact is reshaping garden design . For example, rain, droughts and (no) snowfall will slightly alter each garden design with regards to which types of plants to sow.  To combat this, gardeners are starting to adapt to the climate and look for flower varieties that use less water.  Native plants are great for the environment: sourcing local materials reduces carbon emissions drastically and they also won’t disrupt your garden’s ecosystem.

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Natural materials
It’s time to go completely au naturel with your garden design. Let’s ditch concrete, composite materials and bring in timber, and softer free-flowing elements. Rather than trying to make your garden modern and chic, it’s time to return to a more rustic, DIY feel. Think free-form decks, smaller outdoor furniture and limestone paving. Homeowners are steering towards more authentic and organic gardens, mirroring the rising trend in interior designs, to create the perfect way to combat our digitally driven days.

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Vertical Gardening
A boon for small homes and city dwellers, vertical gardening is growing up in the world. Trellises, blank walls and bare fences can be transformed into a beautiful landscape in an all-round beneficial way. Vertical gardening helps more than you can possibly imagine, reaping many benefits for the environment and for your wellbeing. The cascading plants (herbs, veggies, flowers) regulate air temperature and combats air pollution, by trapping then particles in leaves, and even attracts local biodiversity. If you’re feeling drained by relentless city life, then revitalize your days with the stress-dissolving vertical gardens – trust us, it’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

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Lighten Up
There’s no better way to set the ambiance than introducing a little lighting, whether it’s for a garden party or just a small get-together. Everyone has gone crazy with their light designs, strings of coloured LED lights hanging across walls or Moroccan lanterns projecting wonderful patterns. There’s many unique ways to illuminate your garden and transform it into a truly magical space. Fairy lights are ubiquitous in gardens, so perhaps add a touch of creative flair and put them in small bottles.

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Grow your own
Good ol’ home-grown fruit ‘n’ veg is the way to go this year. Many hidden health benefits of gardening are now being taken seriously. With all these different pesticides sprayed all over our fruit and veg, growing at home means nothing contaminated reaches your dinner plates. If you’re living in a city, it’s good to immerse yourself back into nature by growing organic and super fresh produce for you and your family. So, put on some garden gloves, sport your old jeans and get hoeing and sowing to reap full benefits of veggie gardens.

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Colour Blocking
Colour blocking is a constant thread in fashion and interior design and has finally branched out to gardens.  It means uses an area of the same colour to make a bold impact, as an effective way to create and define different zones in your garden.  Perhaps treat your wall to a lick of paint, the bolder the better, to frame a seating area.  If you’re feeling extra-adventurous, transfer colour blocking to your plants.  Try planting a large quantity of plants of the same colour together in blocks for that wow-factor.

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Bringing the indoors outside
The last place you want to be on a beautiful summer’s day is inside.  Outdoor seating itself is evolving, becoming less upright and more horizontal – letting you properly kick back and relax.  Think comfy loungers and swing seats with gorgeous cushions.  The trend is the seamless transition from your home to your indoor space, making it as comfortable as your living room.  So try lanterns, a fire pit, outdoor rugs and side tables to nail the look.

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