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Posted by , 10th February, 2017

Bespoke Jewellery is synonymous with romance, but finding a unique piece with guaranteed quality can be difficult. Below is a selection of exclusive pieces from luxury British jewellers to provide you with inspiration for Valentine’s Day.

Since 1954, George Pragnell have been commissioning the finest bespoke pieces. Many of the masterpieces created are for celebrations; all are handmade and each have their own unique story. The fine British jewellers ensure the individuality and quality of each piece.


bespoke jewellery

Certificated Colombian pear shaped emerald and GIA certificated pear shaped diamond drop earrings

Above is a pair of certificated Colombian pear shaped emerald and certificated diamond drop earrings. The 18 carat Yellow and White gold Falcon claw setting highlights the intense, green colour of the rare emeralds. The earrings could be worn to accentuate an evening outfit and create an effortless, opulent look.


bespoke jewellery

Two Row Brilliant Cut Diamond and Multi-coloured Sapphire Rainbow Necklace
£9,300 >

The Rainbow Collection has been crafted with colourful Madagascan Sapphires. The sapphires remain natural and untreated, creating rare and unique pieces of jewellery. The variation of intensely coloured sapphires gives the collection its name. The Two Row Brilliant Cut Diamond and Multi-coloured sapphire Rainbow Necklace is a beautiful, bespoke item that can be worn to create a timeless elegance.


bespoke jewellery
20.21 carat Aquamarine ring set in 18 carat white gold

Sammie Jo Coxon‘s Bespoke Creations service offers one-off pieces that are totally unique and bespoke, whether it’s restoring a family heirloom, or personally designing a piece for a client. One standout piece commissioned as part of the Bespoke Creations service is a 20 carat Aquamarine ring set in 18 carat white gold, which is simple, yet striking.

bespoke jewellery
Dream Catcher Cuff
£16,500 >

Bespoke jewellery brand Annoushka believe that jewellery possesses talismanic properties, and each piece has a message behind it. One exceptional item which is unique in style is the Dream Catcher Cuff. Annoushka draws on the Native Indian legend that dream catches transform evil spirits into pleasant dreams. The cuff is formed from mother of pearl and 18 carat rose gold and diamonds, with touches of black rhodium. This show-stopping piece is intricate and feminine on the wrist, and would make the ideal romantic gift. Only 24 pieces are available, and each is engraved with its number within the edition.

bespoke jewelleryPink Tourmaline Setting Sun Ring
£1,500 >

If you are looking for something a bit different, Astley Clarke‘s Pink Tourmaline Setting Sun Ring is a statement diamond accessory. The ring features bands of white diamonds and pink tourmaline, set with 14 carat yellow gold. The unique design stands out from the crowd, and would be the perfect piece to offset a simple outfit.

For more bespoke pieces take a look at the Jewellery section of our shop.


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