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‘The great eight phantoms’ A Rolls-Royce supercars exhibition


Posted by , 27th June, 2017

With the Rolls-Royce name synonymous once over, eight times together is cause for an exhibition. At the end of July, the Phantom supercars from yesteryear will align with the classically modern designs of today, to show 92 years of engineering prestige. With past meeting present in this beautiful display of heritage, the exhibition will also welcome the next generation of this most celebrated luxury item, the new eighth generation phantom.

With the exhibition being the first and only opportunity for the public to see Field-Marshal Montgomery’s Rolls-Royce before it attends the charity event Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and returns to the owners private collection, anticipation is high. Matched with this rampant excitement, in the lead up to the opening of the exhibition Rolls-Royce will announce the phantoms travelling to London from across the world. With history and heritage so imprinted upon the name, this journey made by the cars will also allow time for their stories to be told, from their fabled owners to their links to historic events.


Taking place against the backdrop of Mayfair at the end of July, the first Phantom to be announced was the ‘Fred Astaire Phantom I’ which was first produced in 1925. Being the ‘conveyance of choice’ for the world’s most influential and powerful men and women for 92 years, Rolls Royce state to celebrate this unprecedented legacy is a matter of great importance.

The Phantom has stood as a sentinel, silently witnessing moments as significant as The Beatles collecting their honours at Buckingham Palace, Field-Marshal Montgomery driving Churchill and Eisenhower, and numerous global superstars collecting their Oscars
Rolls Royce


With Sir Henry Royce’s restless desire to, in his own words, “take the best that exists and make it better” innovation is always in both machinery and mind-set here, this being perfectly shown through the exhibition choices. The second Phantom announced to be shown is Field Marshal Montgomery’s Phantom III. Used throughout World War II and particularly as his personal transport in the run up to D-Day, this car was quite essentially the deliverer of history. A keen believer in the power of the image, Montgomery used his Rolls-Royce Phantom to communicate permanence, solidity and reliability – a signal to his men that he was there to stay. Not only a symbol of Britain, the Rolls-Royce even in its many design styles has been a symbol for many other unconscious themes across time that have immense power in message to people. The ‘Butler’ Phantom III will be the car present at the exhibition, being Montgomery’s favourite.

Its standing as the longest existing nameplate in the world of motoring is testament to Phantom’s enduring importance to every generation’s leaders, from heads of state to generals, royalty to rock stars, stars of the silver screen to titans of industry. Therefore, in this ‘never to be repeated event’ deployed at Rolls-Royces’ spiritual home of Mayfair, there is no exaggeration by Rolls-Royce in stating that this is unprecedented, with a ‘must attend’ rsvp.

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