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Technogym – The innovative push for the best fitness accessories


Posted by , 4th September, 2017

The Term ‘Wellness’ has been running on people’s lips relentlessly recently with constant debate upon the best fitness accessories, meaning there really isn’t an escape from the discussion of consciousness around our fitness.

One company’s vision is to be a world leader as wellness solution provider. Technogym offers an ‘Awakened perspective when looking to how we exercise’ proposing not just equipment for our needs, but the ethos of a movement for our ambitions. Supported by scientific and medical professionalism, Technogym provides the smart way to exercise, the idea of the full experience blossoming. Being official supplier of the Olympic and Paralympic games six times, this brand know’s how to go beyond the basic treadmill, offering innovation every step of the way.

MyRun Treadmill
A lack of accessibility can be a good culprit to blame when it comes to off-putting any exercise. Technogym tackles this by using personalisation in its software, generating ‘Wellness on the go’ to mean there really are no excuses. From climbers to ellipticals, the starting staple has to be the MyRun Treadmill. Integrated with a native app, tablet to treadmill access gives personalised programs providing feedback on your run. From this the portable personal trainer gives confidence without invasiveness, while the Running Music feature chooses songs from your playlist which best suit the rhythm of your run, making this the first music interactive treadmill ever, finally offering you a place to put playlist negotiation to use!

my run

£3,250 >

Artis Climb
Technogym’s products excite for their futuristic vision of what fitness machines can be. For the connectivity of the 30 piece Artis range, the Artis Climb is a winner, being ‘one of the most sought-after pieces of cardio equipment on the gym floor.’ The concept of immersion is maximised here with a dual-touch display, containing webcam to connect on the move. Here Technogym crack the code of cardio, to offer distraction and fun, making it not feel like Cardio at all!

Artis Climb


The Skillrow is our next candidate for consideration, with Multidrive technology this product duals between cardiovascular and power training modes to enhance power and effect of movement. With Skillrow’s resistance designed to follow natural water strokes, it’s velocity increases accuracy to that of an ore, creating first of its kind Aquafeel technology. This allows for intensity to concentrate on muscles and prevent damage to your back. This is where Technogym comes into its own, as through its Master Trainer Network an ‘Ecosystem’ of professionals are constructed to consider not only your wellbeing but your security.


£3,250 >

For the more adventurous, there’s the Unica. Stated as the ‘most comprehensive physical fitness and muscle-strengthening equipment that exists’ this piece is impressive in functionality and appearance. The antidote for optimising posture and form, this piece allows for 25 varying exercises, all contained in a small and simple space. This smart structure understands need for compatibility, but also the desire to be creative with workouts.


£5,390 >

With science behind the work and passion behind the concept, Technogym push for the lead in a field of now endless innovation. Providing not only products but solutions, Technogym progress and inspire both fitness and design communities alike.

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