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There’s a Buzz at Piccadilly…


Posted by , 28th September, 2017

The humble bee has its own take on bespoke fashion; to masterfully create the modern delicacy that is honey. This evening, Fortnum & Mason will be hosting their annual Honey Auction for charity, where three limited edition jars of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall’s honey – numbered 70A, 70B and 70C – will be exclusively auctioned, alongside the first jars from their own honey harvest.

Proceeds raised on the night will be donated to Fortnum’s chosen charity, The Felix Project, and The Silver Line, of which HRH The Duchess of Cornwall is Patron.

If you’re a honey lover – and who doesn’t love a drop of that sweet golden stuff – then they heartily recommend you (ahem) bee there. And fret not if you can’t make it, because after the auction is over, their newest honeys, harvested from rooftops across London, including right here at Piccadilly, will be available in Fortnum’s stores and online.

Her Royal Highness’s honeys will also go on sale at Fortnum’s once their guest auctioneer’s work is done, with all proceeds going to The Silver Line charity.

bespoke fashion

But who, you may ask, is their guest auctioneer this year? The same very talented chap who performed so ably last year…Hugh Bonneville.

Fortnum & Mason’s resident Bee-Master, Steve Benbow, will also be on-hand to help with the auction, and throughout the evening, complimentary cocktails inspired by their Honey Harvest will also be served, while the proceeds from every jar sold will go to charity.

bespoke fashionPhoto credit and information: Fortnum & Mason

For further details about todays event, visit Fortnum & Mason.

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